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First Inside Cover – Peer Reviewers List
145 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference , Lucknow – Theme & Sub-Themes
147 Editorial
149 Effect of Video-Assisted Teaching Programme on Management of Breastfeeding Problems – Gomathi B.
152 Managing Restless Leg Syndrome – Radha K. Vijayanarayanan N.
155 Application of Ice Cube prior to Subcutaneous Injection of Heparin in Pain Perception and Ecchymosis of Patients with Cardiovascular Problems – Gaytri Batra
159 The New Arrival of TNAI Publication-Medical Surgical Nursing: A Nursing Process Approach
160 Anxiety and Depression Levels in Clients with Epilepsy in Selected Hospital of Pune City- Shubhangi Dumbray, Sugandha Naik
163 Guidelines for Authors
164 Events of the Month
165 International Nurses Day Speech by Dr (Mrs) Josephine Little Flower, Nursing Advisor, Govt. of India, at TNAI Headquarters on 12 May 2014
166 Presidential Address by Prof (Sr) Gilbert, President, TNAI: International Nurses Day Celebration 12 May 2014 at TNAI Headquarters
167 International Nurses’ Day: 12 May 2014 Celebration at TNAI Headquarters – Report
169 Places of Interest in Lucknow
173 Countdown- XXV TNAI Biennial Conference, Lucknow
175 Conference Programme (Tentative) – XXV TNAI Biennial Conference, Lucknow
177 Modified Criteria of Incentives for Life Membership
178 Lists of Committee Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons - XXV TNAI Biennial Conference, Lucknow
180 Conference Registration Form - XXV TNAI Biennial Conference, Lucknow
181 Advertisement Rates
182 TNAI Scholarship Application Form
184 SNA Scholarship Application Form
185 MCH Services in Delhi in Terms of Beneficiaries Awareness, Coverage and Satisfaction – Bhargavi CN & Asha Sharma
191 Hindi Matter
129 Editorial
130 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference, Lucknow (Tentative Programme
133 World First Aid Day
134 Nomination Sheet-TNAI Andaman &Nicobar Island
135 Attention Book Sellers/Agents and Obituary
136 Nomination Sheet-TNAI Delhi State Branch
138 Nomination Sheet-TNAI Tripura State Branch
139 TNAI Workshop Announcement-Workshop on Disaster Preparedness, management: Nurses’ Role
140 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference Registration Form
141 Hindi Matter
142 News from Nursing Institutions
144 Hindi Matter
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