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TNAI Workshop on "Critical Care and Patient’s Safety: Nurses’ role" | XXIV TNAI Biennial (74rth ) Conference, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh November 21-22, 2014 | TNAI Uttar Pradesh Branch launch their website | Tnai Biennial Conference November 2014 Lucknow, U.P. | Closing date of TNAI election 2014 nomination is June 10, 2014 | TNAI organised meeting to discussed about the 7th Pay Commission memorandum

First Inside Cover – Peer Reviewers List
193 Editorial
195 Phenomenological Study on Experience of Care Givers of Patients with Dementia in a Rural Kerala – Riaz KM, Anne Jose
198 Nursing Informatics: The Future Now – Mamta – Gomathi B.
200 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference, Lucknow – conference Programme (Tentative)
203 Modified criteria of Incentives for Life Membership
204 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference, Lucknow – List of committee Chairpersons and Co- Chairpersons
206 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference, Lucknow (Conference Registration Form)
207 Advertisement Rates
208 XXV TNAI Biennial (74th) Conference, Lucknow – Countdown
210 TNAI Elections 2014 – Provisional Ballot Paper
213 Candidates for TNAI Elections-2014
216 Places of Interest in Lucknow
220 TNAI Workshop on Disaster Preparedness Management, Nurses Role
221 Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on VIA Test for Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer – Shiny Chacko
225 Effect of Acharya Technique upon Back Pain among Industrial Workers – M Anand, Tamizhkodi
229 Advice to the Contributors
230 Assessing the Effect of Self Instructional Module on Knowledge of Menopause & Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopausal Women in Moradabad (UP) – Mehvish Khalid, Manju Chhuggani
234 Hindi Matter
236 Effect of Acupressure Vs Reflexology on Pre-Menstrual Syndrome among Adolescent Girls-Pilot Study – P. Padmavathi
240 Events of the Month
Last Inside Cover/Last Cover – TNAI Publications
161 Editorial
162 Candidates for TNAI Election- 2014
165 TNAI Elections 2014 – Provisional Ballot Paper
168 Conference Programme – XXV TNAI Biennial Conference at Lucknow
172 Nomination Sheet: TNAI Rajasthan State Branch
173 Provisional Ballot Paper: TNAI Odisha State Branch
175 Provisional Ballot Paper: TNAI Manipur State Branch
176 Election Results: TNAI Bihar State Branch
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