ESTD.IN 1908

Registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 in 1917. WWW.TNAIONLINE.ORG

Incorporated in it : Student Nurses' Association, Health Visitors League and Midwives and Auxilliary Nurse-Midwives' Association Affiliated to : Commonwealth Nurses' Federation

How to Become a SNA Member of TNAI




I.                               Subscription to be sent :

Through Demand Draft  (D.D) in favour of “Student Nurses’ Association”, payable at New Delhi

For NEFT Transfer: 


The following Publications are also available from this office on payment in advance (Cash/Demand Draft only  (D.D) in favour of “Student Nurses’ Association”, payable at New Delhi).

II.        SNA Badges

SNA badge Rs. 50/-(Registered postal charges for the badges are as follows

·       (For 10 to 25 SNA badges Rs.50/- postal charges

·       26 to 50 badges Rs 75/- postal charges

·       51 to 75 badges Rs 100/- postal charges

·       75 to 100 badges Rs 125/- postal charges.

III.        SNA Diary  Rs. 50 per copy.                 Postal charges Rs.50/- etc.

IV.        SNA Bye-laws  Rs. 20 per copy.            Postal charges Rs.25/- etc.



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